The Truth About Pornography Addictions

About: In this docuseries, Krystina explores a problem incredibly destructive and widespread but rarely discussed or even well understood. The series will look at the issue from both sides of the marriage bed, along with recent research about the physical repercussions of an addiction, how women can recognize when pornography is at the root of the neglect and abuse in their marriage, and how to get help. There is hope for those struggling with the addiction and those being hurt by it.

Produced and Directed by Krystina Motsinger-Francis

Through the Magnifying Glass

UPDATE: This project has been put on hold indefinitely due to sound issues. It wasn’t possible to bring back the entire cast to re-record all of the audio. GEM Productions may decide to re-shoot at some point in the future, but let this be a lesson to all of us… Check your footage as you go.

About: A convicted felon discovers he may be innocent but will a twisted relationship with his Psychiatrist get in the way?

Written by Rodney Johnson & Yolanda Cook
Status: R.I.P.
Production Co: GEM Productions
My Role: Dr. Reed (Lead)

(Working Title)

About the Short: Police interrogate the last man to see his friend alive but can't believe the story they are being told.

Written by Krystina Motsinger-Francis
Status: Pre-production, Casting
Production Co: TBA
My Role: Artemis

(Working Title)

About the Short: Every day is the same, until it isn't. You can't see until you believe.

Written by Krystina Motsinger-Francis
Status: Pre-production, Script Edits
Production Co: TBD