Krystina Francis Standing.jpg


Krystina started dabbling in dramatic arts during high school and college with theater performances and local film productions. After a hiatus to build a business career, she began professional training for acting and on-camera work. She has had roles in various industrials and films and was a member of a sketch comedy group that produced a web series and a live show. (It turns out that being an inherently awkward person made her a natural with comedic timing and improv.) Krystina also received training for voice over work and has provided her voice for educational projects and corporate training videos.

Her favorite projects to work on are independent films because of the on-set camaraderie forged by a small team trying to do big things together. She began script-writing and film making as a result, and her background in project management has lent itself to being a capable Line Producer. She also donates videography work to non-profit organizations.

Krystina has served as a music consultant for scores and has written songs to use in soundtracks. She plays the piano but despite the dog's objections, she has also been known to pick the Ukulele.